Retirement Planning

Are You on Track for a Secure Retirement?

Most Aren’t: A startling 75% of Americans approaching retirement age have saved less than $30,000 for their golden years. Considering that maintaining one’s standard of living in retirement typically requires twenty times their annual income, the outlook is concerning.

While Only 28% of Americans are confident they’re saving enough for retirement, 60% of those who work with financial advisors feel confident about their retirement prospects.

Source: Northwestern Mutual, “Planning and Progress Study” (2021).

Realistic Planning Matters

Far too often, unrealistic expectations about retirement take root, replacing the need for practical preparation.

Many believe they can rely solely on Social Security and Medicare or continue working post-retirement, all the while overlooking essential factors that contribute to a successful retirement.

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It's About More Than Just Saving:


Costly Mistakes

Know your
Retirement Needs

Diversify your Savings “Buckets” to Minimize Taxes

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Retirement marks a profound life transition. As careers and roles recede, a new identity must emerge. Preparing for this shift is vital to ensure a fulfilling and contented retirement.

While financial advisors can’t work miracles, they can guide you toward a secure retirement. It’s an investment worth pursuing.

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