Investment Management

Our Approach
to Investing

For more than three decades, BEAM Wealth Advisors, Inc. has been guiding our client’s unique investment needs. As a fiduciary, we always act in your best interest.

As a client of ours, you benefit from our strategically diversified, well-calibrated portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and stocks designed to help enhance portfolio performance in any market climate.

We believe the key to successful long-term investing is minimizing losses rather than chasing maximum gains.

By using a multi-manager investment approach and considering your risk comfort, we provide the flexibility needed to help you pursue your investment objectives for each stage of your life.

Our unbiased, innovative strategies help you pursue and achieve your goals.

With ever-changing markets, the necessity for an actively managed, professionally monitored and diversified approach is more important than ever.

At BEAM Wealth Advisors, we begin by compiling macro information and expectations from internal and external experts to develop a suitable asset allocation.

Next, we select securities and managers within each asset class that best obtains our desired investment exposure.

Finally, we rebalance portfolios on a routine basis to ensure risk parameters align with the client’s risk comfort while identifying tactical investment opportunities.

We observe every detail throughout our asset allocation process, and regularly monitor your investment portfolio to assure your allocation is aligned with your financial goals and the current economic environment.


By discovering and understanding your risk comfort, liquidity and cash flow needs, and future goals, we assist you in determining the investment return you need to pursue your goals.


We present you with a customized investment policy and begin to invest your capital in the asset classes we agree upon.


Through our extensive investment data and detailed analysis, we are able to evaluate and measure the risk and return associated with each potential investment and its possible affect on your overall portfolio.


On an ongoing basis, we assess and monitor your investment allocation and the fund managers to make sure your portfolio remains compatible with your objectives. As the markets fluctuate and your needs evolve, we may re-balance your portfolio or change your portfolio investment model allocations to help enhance portfolio performance.


We help you make well-informed investment decisions consistent with your objectives: your desired investment return, your risk tolerance, and your liquidity, cash flow, income, and appreciation needs.

Investment Management

CFA® Highlight

The CFA® charter is one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession.
The CFA® Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning.

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