Bob’s Budget-Savvy Secret – Top Apps and Extensions to Slash Prices

I believe that in most cases, there are two types of prices:

Regular price
Discounted price (for Bob!)
If you don’t do anything and are OK paying the full price, that’s fine, but if you follow these two simple steps savings on everyday purchases can add up.

My favorite apps (or internet browser extensions):

Capital One Shopping – No, you don’t have to have a capital one card or account!
Step 1: Simply download and activate these extensions and let them do the work for you by showing you either a cash back opportunity or coupon code.

For example, if you already know what you will be getting from Home Depot, Petsmart or Academy Sports, instead of going to the store, browsing, shopping, and paying full price at check out, you can simply go to their website and shop and see which one of these three apps has a bigger cash back offer. This is an automated process. The extensions automatically pop up and show you what kind of savings you can have. Then shop as usual and you can either choose in-store pick up or shipping (if it’s free!).

You knew which item you were going to buy but this time, you saved 1-10% and by the time you got to the store, your item was ready to be picked up!

Step 2: There is more! In addition to the cash back offer, you can also find coupon codes with these three apps and they are stackable, meaning you can get cash back and use a coupon code but you cannot use different apps for the same purchase. So, choose the one that has the highest cash back. And search the other two for a coupon code, copy and paste the code at checkout.

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